I decided to start this blog to serve as a space for sharing information on sport sampling, multisport participation and benefits, and the detrimental effects of early specialization. While most of the folks I know get these ideas, I sometimes feel like we are screaming into a tornado.

One catalyst came from a story I have heard where the local youth baseball coach who peaked in high school or maybe junior college ball and who runs a facility and a travel team convinces parents that their son needs to play and practice baseball year-round to have any chance at a college scholarship or to get drafted. The parents may be afraid that their kid will miss out or get behind if they let (much less encourage) their son play other sports.

While I can show papers and studies showing how early specialization is not healthy, they will listen to the coach whose revenue stream depends on kids playing and training at his facility year-round. So while I will share those papers here, I will also share testimonials from athletes and coaches. While appeal to authority is a weak debate tactic, I think we need to bring in “names” to support our case.

So, if you have a video clip or link about multisport, sport sampling and/or early specialization, please feel free to share with me!.