When it comes to running, there are running plans all over the internet, so why should you hire me?  First, many people think coaches are only for those in high school or college or the elite runners and do not see how a coach can help them.  I think a coach can help anyone achieve a goal.  In fact, it might be the person like you who works, has a family and other obligations that needs a coach to create a plan specifically for you.

Another feature that I offer is accountability; however, it could be thought of as "nagging".  Yes, to some extent you are paying me to nag you to make sure you are following the plan to reach your goal.  

Those plans on the internet do not tell you how to adjust the training plan for things like vacations, illnesses or life intervening.  That is where a coach comes into play.

We will start with setting outcome, performance and process goals.  A goal needs to be specific, measurable and have a due date.  It cannot be vague like "I want to run faster".  It needs to be specific; for example ,"I want to run my next 10K on October 1 30 seconds faster than my current PR". We will work with you on goal setting.