Getting started as a runner

Getting started as an exerciser can be a daunting task for some people.  Although I am a runner and coach runners, I think there are lots of ways to get exercise.  A well-rounded exercise program includes "cardio", strength training and flexibility.   Let's assume you have decided that running is going to be your thing.

The first step is to get physician clearance to make sure you are healthy enough to start running (or any exercise program).

If you want to start to start running a good way is to start with walking, the go to a mix of walking and "jogging" and then full on running.  Some runners look down on the term "jogging".  I think that jogging is a fine term.  It may mean slower paced running, but we all started out running slow and all will end up running slow one day.

Do not overdo it especially if you were a runner maybe when you were younger.  You may remember your glory days of running five miles with easy.  Well depending on how long ago that was, five miles might be way more than your body is ready for.

You can download a sufficient walk to run program from  If you would like SmartercoachingLLC to write a program, drop us an email.