Stop Multitasking


On my Facebook page I saw a post from the New York Times about how we should stop multi-tasking.  This piece spoke to me.  Now I am bad about trying to multitask, but I also realize that if I ever really need to get something done, I need to turn things off and focus.  I am a person that will watch tv or a movie at home and have my ipad out.  Sometimes that involves using IMDB to look up actors.  Other times I am tweeting or reading twitter.  But some shows I watch require focus (looking at you The Strain).  I have put away distractions when watching it.  

Along those lines I am amazed at how many job descriptions list multitasking as a skill the employer is looking for.  This is crazy!  If you are multitasking you are not giving full attention to one task.  I challenge you to take some time and work on focusing on one item at a time.

I remember interviewing for a job and the person asked about multitasking.  I honestly answered that I really do not like the idea of multitasking.  I want to give my undivided attention to the task at hand.  Yes, I can have several projects underway at once, but I am going to focus on one at a time.  Think about it in the extreme, if you had 3 Word documents open at once that you needed to write, do you think you would do a better job writing one sentence on one document and then switching to the second document and to the third and then back to the first?  Of course not, it is way smarter to write the one document and then start another.  Now, you might write on one document, put it aside and come back to it later.

So let me know if you give this a try and how it goes!