Random Musings

From time to time, I am going to write short bits on whatever I have been reading or thinking about lately.  Some of these are not necessarily running related.


I am planning on launching two podcasts. Yes, two.  Why?  I must be crazy.  One is going to be a "musings" podcast that will be along the lines what I am writing today.  It will cover topics that are of interest to me from TV, movies to what I am reading or listening to.  (I am an avid podcast listener).  The second podcast will be more "formal" and will focus on coaching and educating coaches along with information on endurance sports and training.  Stay tuned for more on these.


I wish I could tell you how I learned about these, but I cannot recall the details.  Some of these I have come across through people I follow on Twitter.  Here are a few...

House of Run:  This podcast features two guys talking about running from track and field to road racing.  They have on a guest from time to time.  This is one of the podcasts I have been listening to the longest and a bit of inspiration for to start a podcast.  This is hosted by Jason and Kevin.

Freakonomics:  You have probably heard of the book, well Stephen Dubner has continued exploring the hidden side of things through this podcast.  It gives me insight into looking things at from a different perspective.

EconTalk:  While Freakonomics is a little more light-hearted look at economics, EconTalk is more serious. Host Russ Roberts does a great job with interviews that help a novice like me understand economics better.  

The Forward is hosted by Lance Armstrong.  Yes, THAT Lance Armstrong.  Some people will immediately be turned off by the host, but I recommend giving it a listen.  He basically sits down and talks with people from a variety of backgrounds.  As of today, I have listened to episodes with Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Evert, and lots of musical guests.  Other guests have included a general manager of a NFL team and the director of RAGBRAI.