Episode 009 ABCs with Steven Boyle from 241Sports

Steve Boyle of 241 Sports is not only a believer in multi-sport development,  he has created a way for kids to sample many sports through 2-4-1 Sports. 

What led Steve to this decision?  Well, he and his wife had both played many sports growing up, but the push might have come from a conversation with the potential soccer coach for his nine year old daughter.  The coach was dismayed that she could not commit to playing only soccer AT AGE NINE!

Steve and I go into more details about what 2-4-1 Sports does and the philosophy behind it.  

We discuss a program I love, the 241 Mile Challenge.

If you want to reach Steve, the 241 Sports Website is a great place to start.  You can follow him on Twitter (@241Sports).


Episode 008 American Development Model with Ken Martel of USA Hockey

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This week's podcast features Ken Martel from USA Hockey.  On the podcast Ken describes how this new model has changed USA Hockey over the past decade.

USA Hockey's job at a national governing body (NGB) is to promote the sport of hockey, grow the sport and to develop top level players for world competition such as world championships, the Olympics and into the NHL.  There have been many successes with this new model, but there were also some hiccups that Ken addresses.

There are several points in the podcast that really resonates such as looking at the sport from the view points of the kids playing the game.  Ken points out that lots of rules or procedures were in place to make the game easier for the adults but that did not benefit the kids.  Another aspect I really liked was that hockey is a good sport for meeting the recommendations when it comes to moderate or vigorous activity.  Hockey can be one weapon to combat youth obesity.

Ken discusses where USA Hockey fell short in the implementation of the American Development Model.  He acknowledges that at first they did not do a great job explaining how the new model would help rink owners; however, eventually the rink owners came around.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, I think you can take away some lessons.

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Ken can be reached via email at kenm@usahockey.org



Episode 007 Getting Strong with Scott Caulfield of the NSCA

For this episode I interview Scott Caulfield from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) headquarters here in Colorado Springs.  Scott came to the NSCA after an extensive background working in college, club and professional sports teams settings.

We discuss what the NSCA's mission is along with what to look for in if you are in the market for a strength and conditioning coach either for yourself or a team you coach.  While a personal trainer can help get you in shape or lose some unwanted weight, a strength and conditioning coach is mainly focused on improving athletic performance.

If you are in Colorado Springs, please visit the facility near the World Arena.  If you are in town and looking for some help in training athletes, the staff there can help you.

Scott can be reached via email at scott.caulfield@nsca.com; you can also follow him on twitter (@scottcaulfield) and instagram (Coachcaulfield).

On the podcast, Scott mentions a couple of blogs that are listed below:

Mike Robertson

Tim Ferriss

Episode 005 Tri Talking with TriStacey

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I talk with triathlon coach Stacey Richardson of TriStacey about the USA Triathlon Art and Science of Triathlon conference in Atlanta in October 2016.

We discuss some of the sessions Stacey attend with Stacey sharing her thoughts and impressions.  She gushes over the presenters and presentations.  If you know one of the folks listed below, give him/her a heads up about the podcast; it will be a good ego boost!

We discuss:

  • Allen Lim, PhD talking about nutrition and how he challenged Stacey's paradigm (buzz word alert) about eating during ultra-endurance events.
  • Carwyn Sharp, PhD from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) talks (with his Aussie accent) about weight training not making you big (tune in to see what he says makes you big), about bridging the gap with resistance training and about sport being about force/power production.  However, he really teased the audience as he did not go into how one integrates resistance training with the primary sport especially one like triathlon that already is time intensive.
  • Jesse Kropelnicki (whose name we probably butchered) talked about data for athlete improvement but also emphasized the need to remember the athlete is a person and not just a data provider.  He talked about his cornerstones of training.
  • Dave Schell of TrainingPeaks talks about data management.
  • Finally we talk about Barb Lindquist who talks about swimming and how to treat swim training.

We had a bit of a technical glitch so if you hear a skip or break, it is just me trying to stitch together the pieces we recorded.  Gotta love technology!  It works fine when I am watching puppy videos.

If you want to check out Stacey, her website is www.tristacey.com

Show Notes/References

John Kabat Zinn on Mindfulness