Episode 037 Creating a Playborhood with Mike Lanza

We spend some time reminiscing about our own childhoods and how we played. We discuss how we can create this sort of environment for our kids.

Describe your play as a child.

Give a little bit of your background moving from PA to the Bay Area.

When you were about to become a dad, you began to search for a way to let your kid (and now kids) have a similar experience. Describe that search. What were you looking for and what did you find?

In your book, Playborhood, you mention that our culture is antagonistic toward play and how tv differs now from how play is portrayed.

What do you see as the benefits of kids “running wild”? (Not literally, but more “free range”).

What are the features you look (or looked) for in a neighborhood?

How did you get other kids to venture out?

Mike’s book is Playborhood.

Mike’s website.

Mike Lanza on Twitter, @Playborhood