Episode 036 Making Changes with Kym Fasczewski PhD

What keeps people from making change?

Do extrinsic rewards work for making change?

The transtheoretical model of change

What is the origin?

Does it hold up well as a model? What are its pros and cons?

The stages are as follows; let’s talk about the description of each stage and how you can determine where you are or where a client is. Also strategies to move from one stage to the next






Termination (not always included)

Types of reinforcement when it comes to working with athletes or clients. Pros and cons of each; challenges with each.

I mention Dan Arielly, a behavioral economist. Here is a link to his TED talks. Sorry I could not find the exact one I referenced in the podcast.

Here is the clip from “Big Bang Theory” showing how Sheldon used operant conditioning to shape Penny.