Episode 033 The Game in the Child with Ron Quinn

Ron Quinn is an associate professor in at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Ron is the director of the masters in coaching education and athlete development at Xavier University. The following is an outline of our discussion.

Ron’s background as a coach

What led to your become involved in coach education?

What got your interest in youth sports coaching?

What is the state of training for youth sports coaches? For the sake of this discussion let’s define youth as under 14.

I love your comment about what happens to kids at 3 o’clock. Please elaborate.

If you were designing an ideal youth sports coaching curriculum what would it look like? We can break this down U6, U8, U10, U12, U14. What would be the things you would be teaching coaches who are going to be coaching those ages?

How do we instill fun and play into practice? How do drills kill fun?

We had a discussion on a phone call about tee ball. You do not seem to be a fan of tee ball. What is your objection to tee ball?

Describe the Game in the Child concept