Episode 034 Coach as a Leader with Guy Krueger from USA Archery

Guy Krueger from USA Archery came on to discuss the sport of archery, Guy’s path from high level athlete to coach to coach educator and other items below:

The growth of archery and how “Brave” and “Hunger Games” helped to increase the interest.

Different types of archery bows and what is used in Olympic competition along with the format. (I had forgotten the newer format—-that has been around since 1992)!

The new USA Archery Athlete Development Model and how it came about. Guy was not originally sold on the idea. I love how it promotes multi-sport participation as another way to develop motor skills, discourages national level competition at young ages and addresses the older athlete staying in the sport. (Guy notes that Archery recently was represented at the Olympics by a 5x Olympian—-that is 20 years of being on an Olympic team)!

The USA Archery coaching education program and the changes Guy is looking to make from his experiences with the USCCE Coach Academy course and also through a Doug Lemov course. (Thanks to Guy for his unsolicited support for the USCCE Coach Academy Course)!

Guy shares some information on the USA Archery Symposium. This event sounds like something that a coach from any sport could likely learn with speakers such as Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD, the president of the USCCE and the USA women’s national team coach for water polo.

Recommended reading from this podcast is Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov!

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