Episode 032 The Joy Is in the Process with Doug Ingram

In this week’s episode, I talked with an old acquaintance, Doug Ingram. Doug has led a fascinating life; I could probably spend hours talking and recording with him on his days as a coach, at the USOC and mountaineering.

During this episode we talk about some of his jobs at the USOC including being responsible for getting everyone and everything to the Olympic Games including how the equestrian folks get their horses to places like Sydney, Australia.

We focus on his mountaineering exploits including his trip to Antarctica and, of course, Everest. The inspiration for the interview came from the now famous photo of the long line of people waiting to summit Everest. Please check out the photo from when Doug reached the summit and the photo from 2019. There is a stark contrast!

Part of our discussion includes the process of acclimatizing on Everest; Doug shares his opinions on how the quest to climb Everest has changed. Hint: a lot might have to do with “Into Thin Air”.

Below are two photos from Hillary Step just below the summit. The top photo is from 2013 when Doug ascended. The bottom photo is from 2019.

Hillary Step 2013
Hillary Step 2019