Episode 027 Physical literacy with Glenn Young

Glenn Young is a former Vancouver, BC PE teacher and district coordinator who is an advocate for physical literacy although he is not a huge fan of the term “physical literacy” (PL).

We discuss Glenn’s background and he became an evangelist including his being involved in the early discussions in Canada. We get into the history of the term “physical literacy” starting around 2000 with the obesity and inactivity crises in Canada.

Glenn shares his definition and explains why getting hung up on a definition can be detrimental to implementing PL.

Glenn reminds us that the kids in the PE class are the clients and a stakeholder.

We discuss how physical activity, education and literacy differ and how he worked with non-PE teachers in schools to get kids physically active. He shares his thoughts on Teaching Games for Understanding.

You can follow Glenn on Twitter @ glennyoung_PE and is email is glenn.young@gmail.com.

Here is an article I reference in the show from LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/developing-physical-literacy-glenn-young/