Episode 024 Good to Go with Christie Aschwanden

I say this all too often…this was such a fun interview with Christie Ashwanden, the author Good to Go: What the Athlete in all of us can learn from the strange science of recovery.

We discuss her background as an athlete from wannabe volleyball player to runner to cyclist to cross country skier along with her academic background.

Our discussion of recovery includes:

·       float tanks (the old sensory deprivation tanks—and a discussion of the movie, Altered States),

·       ice baths

·       massage

·       the placebo or expectation effect

·       beer (okay this is a tease, but we do mention it)

Finally, we end with Christie’s recommendation on the top recovery modality! Hint: it is free (although I guess you can pay a lot if you want to).

You can follow Christie on Twitter at @cragcrest and her website is https://christieaschwanden.com/.

She is a contributor at https://fivethirtyeight.com/contributors/christie-aschwanden/ writing about hydration, replication crisis and the sport science methodology issues.

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