Episode 022 Training and Racing with a Powermeter with Andy Coggan, PhD

I connect with my old friend Andy Coggan, PhD to discuss using powermeters to train cyclists.

We start out with a discussion of the history of measuring intensity using heart rate, rating of perceived exertion (RPE), oxygen consumption and move into power.

We discuss Andy’s early days as a bike racer and how he discovered exercise science. That combination led him to using powermeters early on and being at the forefront of looking at how to measure training using a powermeter.

We discuss the early discussions on the Usenet (look it up) forum rec.bicycles.racing where I first learned about Andy when I was a graduate student. Reading his posts there and later on the Topica Wattage forum led me to invite him to speak at the first USA Cycling Power Based Training seminar in Philadelphia, PA in June 2002 (we could not remember if it was 2001 or 2002 during the interview).

Andy was later instrumental in designing the USA Cycling Power Based Training Clinic as well as developing the first sport physiology curriculum for the USA Cycling Level 2 clinics.

We discuss some of the limitations of using power and the benefits as well.

For information on ordering Training and Racing with a Powermeter, 3rd edition and for a little history of power-based training visit Training and Racing with a Powermeter.