Episode 011 The Wizardry of Tinman, Tom Schwartz

On this podcast, I get more into endurance training with Coach Tom Schwartz aka Tinman.  Coach Schwartz has coached Drew Hunter who, in 2016, set the high school mile record of 3:58.  

Tom blends physiology and applied coaching with his athletes.  During the podcast we discuss his own running and coaching background the latter starting when he was still in high school and continued when he was a collegiate runner at UW-Lacrosse.

We discuss his training philosophy and how it has evolved with an explanation of his concept of critical velocity (roughly 90% of VO2max or a pace sustainable for about 30-35 minutes).

Tom believes in year round participation.  If the kid is not playing another sport then the coach should be integrating aspect of multi-lateral conditioning and multi-dimensional training into the program.  

Tom shares his ideas freely which is greatly appreciated.

Tom's website is Runningprs.com and he can be reached via email at runfastcoach@gmail.com

Tom is also partnering with FinalSurge to offer workout and training information.  The Final Surge podcast is worth checking out.