Episode 007 Getting Strong with Scott Caulfield of the NSCA

For this episode I interview Scott Caulfield from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) headquarters here in Colorado Springs.  Scott came to the NSCA after an extensive background working in college, club and professional sports teams settings.

We discuss what the NSCA's mission is along with what to look for in if you are in the market for a strength and conditioning coach either for yourself or a team you coach.  While a personal trainer can help get you in shape or lose some unwanted weight, a strength and conditioning coach is mainly focused on improving athletic performance.

If you are in Colorado Springs, please visit the facility near the World Arena.  If you are in town and looking for some help in training athletes, the staff there can help you.

Scott can be reached via email at scott.caulfield@nsca.com; you can also follow him on twitter (@scottcaulfield) and instagram (Coachcaulfield).

On the podcast, Scott mentions a couple of blogs that are listed below:

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