Episode 008 American Development Model with Ken Martel of USA Hockey

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This week's podcast features Ken Martel from USA Hockey.  On the podcast Ken describes how this new model has changed USA Hockey over the past decade.

USA Hockey's job at a national governing body (NGB) is to promote the sport of hockey, grow the sport and to develop top level players for world competition such as world championships, the Olympics and into the NHL.  There have been many successes with this new model, but there were also some hiccups that Ken addresses.

There are several points in the podcast that really resonates such as looking at the sport from the view points of the kids playing the game.  Ken points out that lots of rules or procedures were in place to make the game easier for the adults but that did not benefit the kids.  Another aspect I really liked was that hockey is a good sport for meeting the recommendations when it comes to moderate or vigorous activity.  Hockey can be one weapon to combat youth obesity.

Ken discusses where USA Hockey fell short in the implementation of the American Development Model.  He acknowledges that at first they did not do a great job explaining how the new model would help rink owners; however, eventually the rink owners came around.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, I think you can take away some lessons.

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Ken can be reached via email at kenm@usahockey.org