Episode 004 The Adultification of Youth Sports with Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD

Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach joins me in person to talk about youth sports and athlete development.  Kristen and I discuss talent and hard work.  We discuss the state of youth sport coaching in the US and the "adultification" of youth sports.  

We discuss that as adults we should also put kids in a place to play multi-sports and and multiple positions within sports.  A kid can certainly have a favorite sport, but also put the kid in a sport at another time of year that could be lower key.

Also, we talk about how graduating college athletes never learned to think for themselves because an adult was always jumping in to correct or "save the day" and have also eliminated deliberate play where kids learn to problem solve, negotiate relationships and get creative with rules to allow for play. 

Kristen tells you how to use participation trophies as a teachable moment.  

We also talk about how sports have turned people off of exercise.

Links and references

Kristen Dieffenbach bio

Long-Term Athlete Development Book

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FA Scotland Oversized Soccer Field

The Slow Professor by Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber

Atul Gawande Books

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