Episode 003 Tangents with John Kessel

John Kessel from USA Volleyball joins the podcast to discuss lots of stuff that is not specific to volleyball at all.  We discuss kids playing lots of sports (sampling) and avoiding selecting just one sport early (early specialization) in to the detriment of the development of that athlete.  John shares his thoughts on training "ugly"--the concept that mistakes and learning how to correct them ourselves is a great way to ingrain learning.  He uses learning to ride a bike as an example. 

We also cover motor learning and reference John Wooden a lot.  I almost called the podcast the "John Wooden Tribute", but we meandered enough to earn its title.

John's email address is john.kessel@usav.org.

Links for the show

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USA Hockey American Development Model

While we did not mention this one, the Canadians have a lot of great stuff on Long-Term Athlete Development through Sport for Life.

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