In general our fees are monthly based, but we do offer one-off consulting as well.  All of the plans include unlimited text or email and every other week meetings (in person or online and only if needed).  My policy is to return all emails or texts within 24 hours but generally by 10pm MT.

Running training plans are posted at the start of every month generally using Google calendar.  The plan will be individualized for you based on your current fitness level, on the number of days per week that you can run, and organized around your schedule!  The cost is the same regardless of the distance you are training for.

Included in the monthly running plan:

  • Goal setting

  • A day-by-day schedule based on your schedule

  • Unlimited text, email and phone calls

  • At least one monthly face-to-face meeting (in person, via Skype/Face Time)

  • Basic nutrition consulting if needed (if you need more in-depth nutrition assistance, we will refer you to one of our colleagues)

Strength and conditioning

We have revised our program a bit and now will also offer a strength and conditioning program targeted to your needs.  The workouts will focus on the "core" (think abdominal muscles) but include upper body muscles as well.  We runners too often ignore the upper body. The program will be designed with you in mind in terms of what equipment you have available.  Ideally you would have some dumbbells and a physio ball (or stability ball--like the big blue ones you might see people balancing on in a gym).

The exercises would progress from strength-endurance (think low weight, lots of repetitions) to a strength phase (think heavier weights, fewer repetitions).  Do not worry, you are not likely to "bulk up" on the workout plan.       

Overhead squat assessment

The overhead squat assessment is used to address imbalances you might have that could lead to injury or cause an overuse injury.  If you have been plagued by the same injury over and over, the overhead squat assessment might be able to identify the cause.  Included in the assessment is a prescription of exercises to address the identified imbalance.

The overhead squat assessment can be done as a stand alone assessment.  If you sign up for either of the monthly training plans, the fee for the assessment will be $40.  (This will be applied as a discount for your second month of training.)


Overhead Squat Assessment                                                                                   $79

Monthly training plan for runners                                                                          $99 per month

Monthly training plan with strength and conditioning                                          $129 per month

If you are a current athlete and wish to pay online, you can use the online payment store.