Coaching Education Workshops

SmartercoachingLLC can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your organization. These are aimed at clubs, leagues, city/country rec departments or multi-sport organizations who have paid or volunteer coaches. Sam Callan is the lead trainer and has two decades of coaching education and teaching experience. Sam follows a common model in coach development of intrapersonal growth, interpersonal growth, and sport knowledge.

Workshops are not “death by powerpoint”. They are interactive with small groups discussing topics and sharing.

Workshops can be one hour to one day (or longer!). Fees are negotiable. Please contact SmartercoachingLLC to discuss your needs.


Intrapersonal coach development

Under this broad heading includes workshops on the how and why of coaching and less on the technical/tactical aspects of a sport. Workshops in this area focus on the intrapersonal growth of a coach and include topics such as “Coaching Ethics and Values”.


interpersonal coach development

Coaches interact with athletes who are people first and will be people most of the day. Workshops in this area can be numerous. A big emphasis at SmartercoachingLLC is positive youth development. How does your organization create a climate that kids want to come back to? How do we as coaches keep kids interested in sport?

Sam is a big proponent of long-term athlete development (LTAD) and offshoots such as the American Development Model. He believes that kids (for the most part) should be allowed to sample as many sports as possible.

Workshops in this area include “Positive Youth Development” with a lot of influences from Jean Cote, PhD. Additional workshops discuss LTAD, growth mindset and mastery. Sam is heavily influenced in these last two areas by his training when he was a Positive Coaching Alliance trainer.


Sport knowledge

SmartercoachingLLC cheats a little here. Our strength is not in teaching your coaches about the sport (although we think we can do a good job with distance running!); our strength in this area is exercise science and a bit of sport psychology.

We can offer seminars of areas of exercise science such as the energy systems, the cardiovascular system, the pulmonary system, and the neuromuscular system. We can even toss in some tidbits on the effects of altitude on performance and altitude training.