Episode 023 Talking Hockey and Coach Development with Kristen Wright of USA Hockey


Kristen Wright, the ADM Manager for Female Hockey, joins the podcast to discuss her youth sports experience (multi-sport athlete) and playing hockey on all-girls and co-ed teams as a junior. She played in college at Connecticut College and later was an assistant coach at CU-Boulder. She shares her experience being the same age or younger than some of the women she was coaching at the time.

We discuss how she became involved at USA Hockey and her role as the ADM Manager for Female Hockey. She provides a short description of the USA Hockey ADM program (for a deeper dive see the links below).

Kristen talks about her experience as an assistant coach at a Colorado Springs high school for its boy’s hockey team and dealing with teenage boys (bless her!) and how she took to the philosophy that you have to show them you care first.

We finish up with a discussion about the Teaching and Facilitation workshop that she and I attended (thanks USA Hockey for letting me crash your workshop). We both share our experiences and takeaways. She really took away the art of active listening and the feedback process. (This part of the interview is also available as a stand alone audio both in the podcast and on the USCCE website).


Kristen Wright bio

USA Hockey American Development Model

Link to an interview with Ken Martel from USA Hockey on the ADM program.

Link to an interview with Kevin McLaughlin from USA Hockey on the ADM implementation

Teaching and Facilitation Workshop information

Episode 016 The Vehicle for Someone Else's Journey with Sergio Lara-Bercial

Sergio Lara-Bercial, PhD is a reader at Leeds Beckett University and also involved with the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and the iCoachKids program. Sergio is a retired professional basketball player and former Team GB women’s basketball coach. He earned his PhD in Positive Youth Development in 2018.

During our conversation Sergio talks about the etymology of “coach” and says about coaching that it is “the vehicle for someone else’s journey”.

We discuss:

His background as a player and transition to a coach

His interviews with coaches who are “serial winners” from across sports. Human Kinetics has a webinar with Sergio on his work.

How he became focused on youth sports after a career in high performance sport and the gap that he saw in working with 5 to 12 year olds

The iCoachKids project and the upcoming MOOCs with the first one set to launch in late 2018.

MOOC #1 Developing Effective Environments for Youth Sport

MOOC #2 Child & Youth Centred Coaching

MOOC #3 Coaching Children: Planning, Doing and Reviewing

The iCoachKids literature review is also available with a practical guide.

Sergio tweets from @DrSergioLaraUK

You might also be interested in following @iCoachKidsEU on twitter as well.

Another website of interest might be

Episode 001 The Adult Learner with Chris Packert

Chris Packert works in coaching education for US Ski and Snowboard. Chris is a long-time ski coach and also teacher.

Chris discusses how to deliver educational content the adult learner (which most coaches are).

This is the audio version of his presentation. To see the video version, please visit my You Tube channel where you will also find other content.