Episode 026 IOC Consensus Statement on Mental Health with Claudia Reardon, MD

This episode with Claudia Reardon, MD is being hosted both on the USCCE podcast feed and the Smartercoaching feed because I think it is a really important topic. During the podcast we cover the following topics and then some. Mental health is pretty broad and future episodes will address many of the topics not addressed in this episode.

What was the catalyst for forming this committee to create the consensus statement?

Who were the people on the committee in terms of backgrounds and expertise?

How does cultural/ethnicity impact the diagnosis or for coaches in recognizing symptoms?

What are the mental health issues the paper addresses? What are the issues that may have greater prevalence in the athlete population than in the general population?

What about the distribution of issues amongst sports types (combat, aesthetic, CGS, team, etc.)?

What should coaches, trainers, et al., be on the look out for?

What recommendations do you make for sport organizations from clubs, teams and NGBs, NOCs?

How do we distinguish between overtraining/overreaching and depression since the symptoms can be similar?

Let's focus on depression and suicide, what are the symptoms of depression?

What makes depression different from just having a rough day or two or perhaps dealing with a life event (retirement, major competition loss or loss of a loved one)? What are signs of suicide?

If I am in a person's life (athlete or not), what can I do if I suspect the person is considering suicide.


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