Episode 019 Talking LTAD with Joe Eisenmann

Joe Eisenmann, PhD left academia to put what he had studied as a pediatric exercise physiologist into practice. Joe is currently working for Volt Athletics along with consulting for some companies and a guest lecturer at Leeds-Becket University.

Joe is not one to hold back on his criticisms when it comes to a lack of implementation of long-term athlete development.

We discuss:

  • His sports, academic, and professional background

  • The bases for LTAD from the old Soviet Union through Bompa and Balyi

  • The science, such as it is, behind LTAD.

  • The limitations and potential pitfalls in the LTAD model

  • What we are missing out on when it comes to LTAD (hint: system alignment and integration)

  • The LTAD Playgrounds that Joe, Rick Howard and Tony Moreno are hosting around the country