Episode 018 What Really Motivates and Persuades? Daniel Pink, author, January 2019

Daniel Pink, the author of "Drive", "When" and "To Sell Is Human" is this month's guest.

We discuss the new ABCs of sales: Attunement, Buoyancy, and Clarity. Attunement is the ability to look at something from another person's perspective and involves what Pink calls the curse of knowledge. Buoyancy is accepting rejection. Clarity is finding the right problem to solve.

Daniel shares his findings from Drive about motivation. Human motivation is pretty complex and involves biological motivations (e.g., eating), Rewards and Punishment, and also we do things because we intrinsically like to do them. So how can rewarding someone for something he/she likes to do backfire? We also discuss autonomy, mastery and purpose as it relates to coaching and athletes.

We finish up talking about the subject of "When" (out in paperback on January 9, 2019) about learning your best time to do different tasks. A key here is that how you end a task, like practice, has an important effect on how people view the entire practice. Hint: end on a positive note!

You can learn more about Daniel Pink at www.danielpink.com and follow him on Twitter @danielpink


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