Episode 010 US Lacrosse ADM and Parent Engagement

TJ Buchanan is the Senior Manager for ADM-Technical Director discusses the history of lacrosse (it is THE original American sport), American Development Model (ADM) and some of the programs US Lacrosse is pursuing with athletes, coaches and parents.

TJ also summarizes a meeting of representatives from several NGBs (and one sports parent representative) to discuss how to engage parents. A key point here is that we are (pretty much) all dealing with parents of youth athletes so let's have a common message. Also a goal is to get as many kids as possible in sports for as long as possible and to have the best possible experience.

Links mentioned during the podcast

USA Swimming's Flex Membership with a great video promoting multi-sport development

US Lacrosse ADM site (with lots of available information) 

Link to Amanda Visek's paper about what kids want out of sports (winning is not #1) Fun Integration Theory

TJ Buchanan email