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Sam Callan

Chief Running Officer/Chief Education Officer

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Welcome to SmartercoachingLLC

Stay tuned as the site undergoes reconstruction!

Over the past couple of years as my day job has taken me back into the coaching education/development world, I have struggled with what do to with this site and the company in general.

So I have decided to use SmartercoachingLLC as both a company to coach people to meet their running goals and to offer my expertise in educating coaches. Going forward SmartercoachingLLC will have the following offerings.

Coaching Distance Runners

25+ years ago Chief Running Officer Sam Callan started coaching distance runners under the guidance of Olympian Jeff Galloway. Since then he has coached hundreds of runners to reach their goals.

coaching education

Sam has over two decades of experience in delivering education directly to coaches. In the near future SmartercoachingLLC will launch continuing education courses for coaches needing continuing education credits.

coach development

This area will focus on organizations to deliver in-person coach development workshops. SmartercoachingLLC also partners with the US Center for Coaching Excellence to host a monthly podcast for coach developers.

SmartercoachingLLC also has a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to on the Contact page.